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Top Roof Edge Protection in Hamilton & Waikato

As the most established scaffolding company, we have seen and heard of the dangers of working at heights without proper protection. This is why we offer top-notch roof edge protection services in Hamilton and Waikato to ensure the safety of all workers on your construction site.

Roof edge protection is a temporary structure that prevents workers from falling when working at height. It typically consists of guardrails, toe boards, and nets designed to prevent falls off the edge of a roof during construction or maintenance work. IC Scaffolding understands the importance of sturdy roof edge protection and provides the best solutions for your construction needs.

Whether you are a small business or a large-scale construction company, we have both experience and the right knowledge to provide you with the best roof edge protection services in Hamilton & Waikato. Count on us for an all-inclusive scaffolding solution that guarantees your workers' safety and your project's success.


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Why is Roof Edge Protection Necessary?

Falls from height are one of the leading causes of workplace injuries and fatalities in New Zealand. According to WorkSafe NZ, between 2022 and 2023, 12 deaths resulted from falls from height, and several workers were seriously injured. These incidents could have been prevented if proper roof edge protection had been in place.

Roof edge protection is essential for many reasons, including:

  • Eliminate the risk of falls from heights by providing a barrier between workers and the roof's edge; edge protection Hamilton reduces the chances of accidents and injuries.

  • It ensures compliance with workplace safety regulations and standards, protecting workers and employers from potential legal and financial repercussions.

  • Roof edge protection systems are adaptable to various roof types and configurations, making them a versatile solution for different construction scenarios.

  • Implementing effective roof edge protection demonstrates a commitment to safety, enhances the construction company's reputation, and builds trust among employees and clients.

Roof Edge Protection Services We Offer

Safety Guardrail

Our safety guardrail systems provide a sturdy and reliable barrier between workers and the roof's edge. Made with durable materials, they can withstand harsh weather conditions and offer maximum protection to workers.

Toe Boards

Toe boards are another essential component of roof edge protection. They prevent tools or objects from falling off the roof and potentially harming workers or bystanders below. We use top-quality toe boards that are easy to install and provide additional protection.

Roof Edge Protection

Safety Netting

Safety netting is a versatile solution for preventing falls from heights. Our safety netting systems are made with high-strength materials and installed by experienced professionals, ensuring the safety of workers on your site.

Rooftop Safety Railing

Our rooftop safety railing systems provide extra protection for workers on flat roofs. They are easily installed and can be adjusted to fit a variety of roof shapes and sizes, providing a secure barrier against falls.

Our Roof Edge Protection Process

IC Scaffolding provides comprehensive roof edge protection and mobile scaffold Hamilton services to meet all your construction site safety needs. Our team, composed of certified and seasoned scaffolders, will collaborate closely to understand your project requirements and offer the best solutions to ensure maximum safety and efficiency. Our services include:

Design and Installation

We consider the specific characteristics of your construction site and design a custom roof edge protection system that ensures complete fall prevention. Our team will install the structure efficiently and securely using reliable, high-quality materials.

Regular Inspection and Maintenance

We understand that safety is an ongoing process, so we offer regular inspection and maintenance services for your roof edge protection system. Our team will assess the structure's condition, identify potential hazards, and make necessary repairs or replacements to ensure its effectiveness.

Temporary Edge Protection Systems

If your construction project requires temporary roof edge protection, we have you covered. Our team can quickly install temporary systems that meet the same safety standards as permanent structures, ensuring the safety of workers during all stages of the construction process.

IC Scaffolding: Your Trusted Roof Edge Protection Provider

When it comes to roof edge protection in Hamilton & Waikato, IC Scaffolding is your go-to company. We are committed to providing top-quality and reliable scaffolding solutions that ensure the safety of your workers and the success of your construction project.

Moreover, our staff is fully trained and certified, and we adhere to all industry safety regulations and standards. We are dedicated to delivering exceptional customer service and ensuring complete service satisfaction.

Avoid putting safety at risk on your building site. Choose IC Scaffolding for the best roof edge protection services in Hamilton & Waikato. Request a free quote today!


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